Monday, 30 June 2014

A Rave of Starlings

The official name of a group of Starlings is a murmuration, a word that sounds like a quiet gathering of like minded folk, like a group of monks at prayer.

Today we had a bunch of young Starlings appear on our bird table and murmuration is not the word that came to mind. Instead I suggest a change the collective pronoun to something more descriptive. A riot of Starlings, a delinquency of Starlings or just  mob of starlings would be a lot more accurate. If ever a bird could be anthropomorphised into a gang of teenage Hells Angels it would  be Starlings.

On the plus side, they make great photographic subjects. Here are a few of the photos that I got

A slightly wider depth of field would of been good, but I like the energy

Kung Fu Starling. Unfortunately I just cropped the top of it's head concentrating on the bird table. I guess it is always worth zooming back a bit and then cropping later.

The gangs all here

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