Saturday, 12 July 2014

Events Part Deux

Some while ago I wrote about my disappointment in the shots I got from the may market. Last week I had another opportunity at the annual Party in the Park.

This is an event pit on every year by the organisers of the download festival to apologise putting up with the disruption for the week. Anyway it is a big event in the local and surrounding villages, and a great place to take photos of people. 

Again the weather was great, so I just went round snapping anything that caught my eye. Anyway these are the results. 

This is nice with the slightly blurred background giving context

Kids are great subjects in days like this since they really only care about having fun
This photo summed up the event. You could argue the boy is a distraction, but I still like it

A Freddie Mercury Impersonator gave a great show and i got some good shots. However some had is hand clipped, showing that I need to stop zooming in too close to my subject.

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