Saturday, 20 September 2014

Something for the weekend

Just clearing up a few photos which I decided to show to the world.

First are three pictures from Titchwell RSPB reserve in Norfolk.

Titchwell is a reserve I know well having been there many times and I always manage to see something of interest. One disappointment was the Marsh harriers had decided not to visit on that day, but I did get close to Teals, Ruffs,  and Bar tailed Godwits.

As always I did not really have enough time to get the shot I wanted. Also I was slightly overawed by the equipment some some off the fellow photographers had. Some had 400mm and bigger lens with 2x converters on. My trusty 300mm was never going to compete with that.

However I did get a few shots that could be buffed up a bit.

Avocet. Elegant bird. If you can't get a good shot of an Avocet, give up now

For a long time I said this was a Dunlin, which shows how bad I am at wader ID. It is of course a Bar tailed Godwit

A rough Ruff

I also had a afternoon around Bradgate deer park recently. Unfortunately I had mis-timed it and assumed it was the annual rut.

Instead of nice packed herds with battling stags, the deer were well spread. Despite being large animals, it is amazing how well the blend into the background.

However I did find this handsome fellow

He was next to a watering hole, obviously readying itself for the battle ahead. It was obviously one of the Alpha males and very impressive he was too.

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