Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Inspiration lost and found

A drop on a stick

It's funny sometimes how things happen.

I was out walking recently and complaining to my long suffering wife that I had run out of ideas and inspiration on what to photograph next. At the time I was feeling a bit annoyed with myself that I hadn't taken advantage of the early snow to take more photos.

I got home and started filling the bird feeders, when I realised that the garden was awash with frost laden plants. I grabbed my camera and tripod and spent a happy 40 minutes just snapping the frost on the foliage.

What this goes to show is that, inspiration leaves all of us at times, but it's not gone,  just hiding round the corner waiting to be rediscovered .

However I am well aware that I need to make full use of  my new found inspiration and need to start making some new photography plans for the year.

In other news...

On Thursday we have the Tom Tivey Natural History & Landscape competition at the Melbourne photographic club. This competition is sure to be a hard fought one, since most consider themselves good landscape and nature phtopgraphers

Unusually for me I have entered 6 photos, 3 prints, 3 DPI's. However as usual it has been difficult to choose the right 6 to enter, but I have decided to go with 2 safe ones and 1 risky one in each category.

I am pretty sure the risky will not score well, but part of me had to do it to remain pure to principles. Anyway I am sure it will be an interesting evening.


My risky print


My Risky DPI

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