Wednesday, 8 April 2015

And the winner is...

This post is about my continuing saga with photographic competitions at my local photographic club

Last week we had yet another competition. This was thrown at us in the last minute due to a inter-club competition failing to happen.

The competition was based around genres. We had to enter 3 photos of different genre's or types. The idea being to force some of us out of our comfort zone and get some different photo's in (or as Helen, our competition secretary put it, "something other than power stations").

I put in 3 prints and 3 DPI's. The first two prints, were relative easy to choose. I put in a child portrait and one of a racing car taking at Donington race track.

However the 3rd was difficult. In the end I chose one called the Thaw which showed a ice drop melting from the end of a branch. This I had taken during winter when I happened to come back home during a frosty day and I played around with the Macro settings on my 300mm zoom.   However I expected no great result apart from the usual painful learning experience.  

So if I was to rank each photo(best first) before the competition I would do so as follows

1. Innocence
2. Electric glide in blue(proud of that name)
3.The thaw

The actual result was as follows

1. Innocence - 16
2. Electric glide in blue - 16
3.The thaw - 20

My high scoring entry - The Thaw

20 is the highest mark I have ever got for a DPI or a print, so I was pleased, if not a little confused.

As it worked out the overall result in this competition was based on total mark of all 3, not on a single image and unfortunately I lucked out here, coming second overall.

However my question is, is it a good photo or did I just catch the right judge. I guess a bit of both. My worry is that I did not see any great merits in the photo, and if I cannot recognise this in my own photo how I am to improve?

But still a good result overall and as the society season draws to a close at least it gives me some encouragement that I am going in the right direction.

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