Friday, 9 October 2015

The way I see it - Gerry Coles

We had an excellent talk last night at the MPS from Gerry Coles.

What impressed me most was that he got very high quality results from quite simple photographic and photoshop techniques. He also gave the great advice that the best way to improve in photography is just to try things and the need to make your photos stand out by adding something different. At the same time ignore what the judges say and follow your instinct.

It was interesting that a lot of his techniques were derived from his film and developing days. It makes me wonder that when we reach the point when there are no more people who have come from that route whether we will lose some of that useful experience.

It is always instructive to watch someone comfortable with themselves show their creative process, and while I am sure that it is harder than it looks, it gave me a lot of inspiration to try some similar techniques.

My only real critic is that some of his photos crossed the line between photography and graphic art, but that is another argument for another day....

All in all however an excellent night.

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