Sunday, 27 December 2015

10 ways that you know your partner is a photographer

Is your partner disappearing out early in the morning without a word? Do they arrive late without explanation just after sunset? Do they disappear into their office regularly and spend long periods on the internet?

OK, maybe they are having an an affair. But more worryingly, maybe your partner is turning into a photographer.

Here are the key signs.....

1. You come home to find flowers. However you realise they are not for you, but for a photo project they have in mind.

2. On holiday they suggest going for a walk... 1 hour before sunrise.

3. Taking a family snapshot takes ages as they try different poses, angles and insist you wait because the light is just not right

4. You come back from holiday to find that they have not taken a single photo with you in it. Instead every photo is of the landscape and buildings, normally at weird angles.

5. A quick photo involves 30 minutes of manipulation via photoshop and lightroom.

6. A significant corner of the house consists of lenses, camera bodies, reflectors, hoods. Many of these have been used once, if at all.

7. You dread friends showing them holiday snapshots due to the unsolicited advice they will get about cropping, angles, artifacts  to be cloned out etc.

8. You lend them your simple camera to take a shot and when it is returned it is setup in some weird mode which means every other image comes out blurred or over-exposed.

 9. Family holidays will be based on photographic opportunities rather than beach access.

10. When going on holiday, half the airport luggage weight allowance is  taken up with tripods and lenses, most of which will return unused.

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