Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The award for newcomer of the year goes to....

Melbourne photographic NOTY trophy in all its glory

While I am sure most of us do photography for the pleasure of it, to get recognition once in a while is also appreciated.

So I am very please to announce that I am now Melbourne Photographic society's new photographer of the year (or NOTY as it is termed). Since this is probably my first award since I got 3rd place for Karate when I was about 20, it is needless to say I am very pleased and honoured. (I won my previous trophy with the clever ruse of putting my face in front of my opponents fists , so getting them disqualified. Fortunately winning this one came a lot easier ),

This trophy is given to the photographer who has been with the society for less than 3 years and is based on the 10 best scores in society competitions. It also can only be awarded once.

I must admit that my entry to competition was more to help improve my photos, than gain any reward and certainly my early results meant that any idea of winning anything could not be further from my mind.

However now I have received the award, I must admit I cannot help being a little pleased with myself, if for no other reason as it stands as a marker for how much my photography has improved over the last year.

Certainly in early competitions I wondered why I was entering, since I often took the results and criticism personally. At one point I decided I would not enter again, but I did and it resulted in improving my photo's.

It also gives me renewed confidence for next season.

I cannot win this trophy again, but there is the photographer of the year trophy (or POTY). This however will require another leap in the quality of my photos. This year I was about 5th in the overall scores, and to improve on that, a quantum leap in improved quality will be required. I am under no illusions that this will be challenging. Nor will it happen overnight, so I will have to be patient and take the good with the bad.

But still, if nothing else I can approach my hobby with renewed confidence and vigor and if nothing happens, I will still always be the winner of the NOTY

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