Sunday, 14 June 2015

Please be patient, normal service will be resumed ...

I know I haven't posted much on this blog recently, and you would be quite within your rights to think that

a) either I wasn't doing a lot recently
b) This blog had fallen the fate of many blogs and is now inactive.

Neither is the case.

I have probably taken more photographs recently than for a long time. Also I have a number of projects which I hope to document/describe at some point.

However the problem is time. The more photos I take, the less time I have to process them. This means in turn that I have less time to work on projects. All these mean that blog writing has taken a back seat.

Hopefully more time will be available soon, but in the meantime here are a few images that I have managed to get somewhere near to completion recently.

All of these are works in progress, so are rough, but nevertheless show promise

High key image taking in Nottingham
This was taken in Nottingham during a club photo shoot. to be honest I wasn't greatly happy with the results and I wonder whether I am cut out for going around in groups, but this was one of the better ones. I quite like B&W high key images like these, and this is the closest I have got to getting one to the standard i want.
Playing with glass

The next MPS photography is glass, so I have been playing around with some ideas. This was taken at home against a translucent background, and then heavily processed. As such it is not perfect and needs a lot more work, but shows promise.

Taken again in Nottingham from the Castle walls. I must admit I am getting a bit of an urban theme going, and I think this comes out well in B&W. It is a nice candid shot of a typical British housing state and as such I think it tells a good story.

Kings Mill over the river

Taken from the river Trent from the Aston-on-Trent side. I took a lot of photos that day, but a lot were ruined (or at least compromised) by a smear on my polarizing lens. But the bright buildings contrasting against  the dark greens works well here

I love poppies, but locating a field of them seems harder and harder these days. So when I saw this one nearby I had to go and take it(poppies have a very short flowering time, so you cannot hang around.) Of the photo's the contrast against the local power station seems to work well.

Again playing with Poppies

Again poppies but with a relative long exposure, zooming out. I think it works well and provides a different take on flowers

Tree at sunset

This is an image I am still thinking about. Leaving the large black space at the bottom is probably a competition fail, but.....I like it. I think maybe the composition is not quite there yet, but close


On top if that we had a trip organised by the Melbourne photographic society to Nottingham. As a result of this I put this montage together, with some suitable music :). I do like putting montages together and in this case I think it went together quite well..

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