Saturday, 31 May 2014

Go wild

Often people ask me If I had a choice what sort of photography would I like to specialise in. Actually no one ever asks me that, but if they did I would probably answer wildlife mainly concentrating on birds.

however there are a few things holding me back.

Firstly to get great bird photos you really need patience and time. I would like nothing more to go off to say Titchwell and spend a day photographing birds, but those opportunities are few. Going with kids, even relatively well behaved ones is a no no. The average attention span of a 10 year old is about 15 minutes. After that they will be running down the hide, slamming doors and various other things that are the major causes of infanticide by bird watchers.

The 2nd issue is equipment. My longest lens is a Sigma f5.6/300mm zoom. It's reasonably priced, pretty good quality, but no where near the level you need for bird work. You are looking at a fast 500mm, which start at the type of price you could buy a decent 2nd hand car. There is no likelihood this side of a major lottery win of getting that sort of kit.

However that does not mean you cannot take bird photos, you just have to set your sights a little closer to home.

When most people think of bird photography, they think of the exotic. But this overlooks the plethora of wildlife in your own back yard. OK, Robins and Great tits will not cause the twitching world to go a flutter, but that does not mean you cannot get shots to be proud of.

Anyway I write this as a prelude for the bird shots I have taken today, taking advantage of the fledging time of year.

Update:- This last one has got my highest rating ever on 500px.

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