Friday, 22 December 2017

Advent 13 - People

I like to think I will try my hand at most photography, but probably the one i fear the most is people photography.

While i'm quite happy to try and catch a candid photo of someone with a zoom lens, the idea of coming up to a stranger and asking to take their phot is something very alien and un-British (after all I haven't been formally introduced :))

It is some thing that every year I hope to conquer as I sit in awe as people show me images they have taken at Steam punk fairs and other similar events, but so far I have never built up the courage to do

The one class of people I have less of an issue with taking photos of children, but of course that raises other issues. In the UK, there has grown up a culture of suspicion of anyone with a camera around children and of course this needs to be treated with respect, however ill founded . On the other hand I find friends and family are generally happy with me taking photos of their loved ones especially as more than happy in sharing the results with them.

This picture was taken of a child of one of my wife's relative on a hot summer day during a fun bubble fest. While it is not perfect (the background could of been clearer), the story it tells in the joy of childhood is written across the face.

Catching fleeting moments like these with the camera is one of the joys of photography and one of reason I enjoy it so. This image is for me the synthesis of summer 2017 and could never be repeated

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