Friday, 8 December 2017

Advent Day 8 - Chelsea Flower Show

It was my wife's significant birthday this year and as a treat I took her to the Chelsea Flower show. 

She had been an avid watcher on TV for years and one of the favorite family events was 'lets play criticise the show garden's.

Anything in London, especially Chelsea is always going to be expensive, and this was no exception. However my big surprise was how compact the site was. In the TV, it gives the impression the show covers acres, but actually it is no bigger than a couple of football pitches.

As always my camera came with me, however I was mindful that my wife's wishes were to come 1st.

Unfortunately, this year was a poor one for Chelsea with a big drop off of the number of the larger show garden. Also in events like this you are always fighting with the crowds. Tripods and unhindered viewing angles are always going to be impracticle.

However I did get these two shows, that I like for different reasons

This one was taken in the large Marque. It was a set of roses on a slate. We were on the last day of the show, so obviously some  of the exhibits were past their best. However the decay to me represented the fleeting point of perfection and the inevitable decline and demise of all things (I know, cheery eh!)

This second one was one of the smaller gardens. I love the simplicity and the blocks of colour. I have been trying to get an image like this for ages, but I would be lying if I could say it was planned. My only issue is where I crop. I have tried with and without the plant, but neither are totally sastisfying, but in the end i prefer this crop best.

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